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I can't believe though, that we very well might get Kurtofsky endgame after all. We were absolutely sure it would never happen. There was no hope. It feels like the hard (impossible) part is over, just getting Dave back on the show.



I mean, it is still Glee, so they might end up doing something royally fucked up. But I’m kinda like, at this point, I’ll take whatever comes and if its not worthwhile, I’ll just pretend it never happened. 

And you never know, they may actually pull out something good at the eleventh hour. Crazier things have happened. 

With the thought of Dave back I am going from YAAAAAYYYYYY DAVE IS BACK to oh no they are going to ruin my baby to MY BABY IS BACK to they are putting him with Blaine wasn’t hanging him in the closet enough to maybe kurtofsky happens to MY SHIP MIGHT BECOME CANON to oh fuck my ship might become canon and destroyed by those assholes who call themselves writers. So basically I am like Rapunzel after getting out of the tower scene and a complete mess. Anything and everything at this point could happen

I went looking up the answer to the question if Max Adler was Jewish and he is. I did this because of reasons. I also just found a new way to screw up Karofsky’s name. It’s Karnofsky. As we all know there is no N in karofsky.

So looking for fic recs of pregnant Dave Karofsky. I just like reading them a lot

Kurt finds out Blaine cheated on him and gets fired. In the end he gets a new job as fairy godmother and maybe that cute creature maker he meets might be more than friend material and I would say that genres are romance/humor/fantasy/sci-fi

Contains:Klaine break up, Tina/Quinn FWB, Azimio/OFC, implied Quinn/Puck at the end and Sam/Mercedes and most importantly Kurtofsky

Rated: Mature because sex plus may contain beastiality if you consider a person having sex with a werewolf beastiality and that is a spoiler sorry.


(I’m sorry I didn’t add Boyd into this. I have only watched one and 1/2 episodes and he wasn’t in either.)

Dave stared at his cousin Alison or really she was his second cousin once removed. He loved her he really did but her life was weird.

"So let me get this straight your ex-boyfriend, Scott, is a werewolf."

She looked up from her book, “Yes.”

"Derek is a werewolf," Dave asked.

Allison nodded her head.

"Everyone who is part of the group they hang out with is a werewolf, too. Right?"


"But our family is a matriarchy with women leading and men as foot soldiers that kill off werewolves."

 Allison asked throwing her book down on the bed, “you come from a school where a Cheerleading coach throws students around when pissed and a glee club that thinks is a bunch of losers but has 3-4 cheerleaders, 4-5 football player which is big in that school, who have a high percent run for prom queen and class president and the group has people win those spots. Celebrity stars show up at all times for no reason. Your football team is popular and they don’t know how to play football. Plus your school is so bad with bullying and homophobia that you became a bully because of it and you can be the sweetest guy I know. Now what is your point again?”

"I thunk my school …touche."

Allison rolled her eyes as she picked her book up again.

"Allison," Dave asked


"Is Boyd single?" Allison smiled and looked up at her cousins face. He had a curious and somewhat hopeful face.

"Single but straight and interested in Erica. Why?"

"Fuck," Dave said, “no point in trying to woo the guy."

Allison laughed before noticing his affronted look, “I’m sorry, I am sure you two would have made a cute couple.”

"Thank you," Dave said smiling at her before leaning back on the bed.

"Dave," Allison said.


"I love you." 

"I love you, too."


Over a year later and no clue how the boy who tried to hang himself after getting outed is doing. The lack of any friends and the presence of a mother who thinks he’s diseased probably make things difficult, but who really cares?

Blaine wants to propose to the boy he’s not even dating! Equality wins!

So, I just finished watching the Third season of Glee, on Netflix. It was very emotional. I don’t think I have ever been so emotionally attached to a show. Glee is my life. I love it. I wish I could be in it. :) I never cried so hard over one guy. God I hope I will see Karofsky in a future episode soon. Anywho, I want to thank my followers for dealing with all of my Glee posts. :D




wish Ryan Murph’s could wake up with notes like this at the foot of his bed

Karofsky is NOT … I repeat … is NOT reprehensible!


When you think about it, it’s strange that no matter what Glee has Blaine do, his devoted followers think he’s the dreamiest, best boyfriend a fashionable soprano could have. He can dance all night with another boy in front of Kurt, try to make Kurt have sex even though he doesn’t want to, accuse him of cheating in front of all their friends, then blame Kurt’s absence for his own unfaithfulness … and all the Blaine supporters still think he’s a great role model for young people. Then there’s Dave Karofsky … who has apologized to Kurt and his dad at school, protected him from other bullies at school, sincerely apologized to Kurt for hurting him, told him he helped him so much and that he loved him, then apologized AGAIN and told him he wasn’t responsible for his attempted suicide. And the Blaine supporters still think he’s reprehensible. Something is certainly fishy here. And they claim they support LGTB people. I just don’t think so. I think they support … hot people.

Why am I reading the angst meme?

Also why is it practically every other post for Dave is Rapist!Dave, Stalker!Dave, Crazy!Dave or just plain Evil!dave? this thing is full of promts where it basically is

Dave rapes Kurt

Dave rapes Kurt

Dave stalks and rapes kurt

Dave kills Kurt

Dave is crazy and rapes Kurt

Dave assaults someone else.

Summary: Blaine accidentally runs into Dave at Scandals and ends up not only fessing up about cheating but ends up watching Dave marry Kurt and in the end he was okay with it all.


Collab with YoshiKimos on DeviantArt. http://yoshikimos.deviantart.com/


Collab with YoshiKimos on DeviantArt. http://yoshikimos.deviantart.com/

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Kurtofsky Senior Prom

Dear Falchulk

You and your co-workers are just so fucking stupid.  I have never in my life seen anyone hospitalized for anything just bounce back with no consequences. There is always a recovery time afterwards.

When my sister broke her leg she was in kindergarten, she need to go in and get parts of the cast taken off slowly. She needed to repeatedly re-learn how to move. My Mom had to help her pee and carry her up and down stairs with the cast she was about 90 lbs. When they finally took that cast off she needed to relearn to walk.

When my parents first separated, my Mom found him on the bed fondling a BB gun to his chest because she was going out job searching that day. He was supposed to look after my sister but she kicked him out because he did this out of a scare tactic. So my Dad drove to a hospital in BC and claimed that he swallowed a bunch of pills. They pumped his stomach, ran tests and found out that he lied. He would later tell my sister and I that he tried killing himself because of our mother so that we would hate her for him. He still went on afterwards about being crazy. The divorce was a horrible fight where my sisters emotions were ripped apart and beaten at. 

When my Dad was hit by a train because he was lighting a smoke on the job, wearing protective gear on his ears that made his job more dangerous. He spent several months in hospital. He had so many tubes in him for the first month and a 1/2 that you didn’t know where he began and where they start. Even after he was released their therapies needed for him to go and still a long recovery out of it. 

When you had Dave try to kill himself because of his outing, he should have had some kind of recovery period, a relapse, we should have seen him slowly get better. You can’t just say that things are going to get better because it doesn’t. Things are moving to slowly for things to just “Get better.” Dave should have been talked about in episodes after. He should have been shown getting better. You don’t just leave something like that. If you didn’t want that kind of storyline, you should have just killed the character off and taught the audience through characters that things are getting better but it’s happening too slowly and people are still dying because of the people in this world just standing by and doing nothing to change it or even trying to stop these changes. You could have shown Dave’s funeral and how people react to it. Show peoples reactions.